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Intervest Properties

Intervest Properties specializes in high quality income property investments for numerous European and American investors. The company and its affiliates have owned a broad range of investment properties, including multi-family housing, shopping centers and commercial office buildings.

The highly complex nature of investment property identification, negotiation, acquisition, management, and resale requires a unique blend of professional expertise and confidence. A broad knowledge and wide variety of capabilities must be supplemented by local market expertise.

The knowledge and experience that Intervest Properties has in real estate markets across the Sunbelt region of the United States has been their key to success.

With the majority of its projects concentrated in the Sunbelt region, Intervest is constantly monitoring the investment environment along with the social, economic and political developments that influence investment decisions. The professional staff is alert to new investment opportunities and keeps daily communications with a select group of property owners and commercial real estate brokers in order to stay on top of desirable opportunities in the market.

Outstanding performance in today's complex real estate markets requires expertise and capital. Aggressive competition in the market today demands that Intervest be astute and adept in both the acquisition and the disposition of properties. The company works closely with professionals in several fields, including architecture, engineering, law accounting and finance. Intervest's investment partners require varied financial terms such as desired returns, acceptable risk, tax planning and overall investment strategy and the company strives to meet these terms. A successful project results from the proper coordination of real estate professionals and a financial structure sensitive to the needs of investment partners. A multi-lingual staff is maintained to assist in communication and document preparation for European clients. Intervest, directly, and through various affiliates, has acquired more than $700 million in income producing properties since 1984.

Intervest Management

Intervest Management was formed in 1984 to handle the management needs of Intervest Properties investment clients. Intervest made the decision to form its own in-house management company to ensure that both its European and American investment partners would have the most experienced and knowledgeable management team available.

The company has been structured in order to take a project-orientated approach to asset management. Personnel, facilities, and activities are organized to provide efficient and responsive management to meet the objectives and goals of each real estate investment. The success of any real estate investment is largely determined by day-to-day management activities of the property. Thus, the quality of management is crucial to the profitability of the investment.

In the eyes of Intervest Properties, the purpose of property management is to maximize the desired return from a real estate investment over the life of a property through the implementation of the appropriate strategies.

The need for creative and effective property management of investment real estate is greater today than ever before. Intervest Properties has made the decision to invest in undervalued real estate in overbuilt markets. Because of this, innovative and effective asset management has become extremely critical. In an overbuilt market, the key to success as well as a rewarding capital gain is simply to manage the property more effectively and efficiently than the competition. Intervest Management does their best to create a service that facilitates proficient property management.

Intervest Management provides the following services:

  • Financial Reporting: preparation of the operating budget, financial statements, and tax filings
  • Marketing and Leasing: identifying prospective tenants, lease negotiations, market research and property/advertisement
  • Tenant Management: resident relations and rent collections
  • Administration: maintenance planning, maintaining appropriate insurance programs, and supervision of employees
  • Rehabilitation and Modernization: evaluation of existing design

Over the past thirty-five years, Intervest Management has earned an excellent reputation for meeting tenant's needs, administrative management and maximizing return on investment for its partners.

Professional Capabilities

Dale A. Williams graduated from Northeastern State University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Specializing in real estate, Williams earned his Master of Science in Real Estate and Planning from Southern Methodist University, he spent five months in Europe interning with real estate companies located in West Germany, Great Britain and Italy.

From 1978 until 1980, Mr. Williams served as Internal Bank Auditor for the Bank of Oklahoma, a major bank in Tulsa.

From 1980 until the inception of Intervest Properties, Williams was employed by Texas Instruments as Corporate Facilities Manager. In this position, he was responsible for plant and sales office site selection throughout the Southeastern United States.

He then went on to form Intervest Properties in 1984 and has served as its president and principle share holder since this date. Williams has been involved in the real estate industry on an active basis for over 40 years. In addition to his current responsibilities, he also acts as a financial consultant to several European investors seeking to purchase 100% ownership positions in United State's investment properties.

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